Doc Review

How we work:

Our notaries can serve your documents, keep record of replies, issue Certificates of Non-Performance or, after an honor-dishonor process, a Certificate of Dishonor or Default. If you’d like to use the services of one of our notaries, contact us (see bottom of page) for the name and address to include on your document(s).

As secretaries, we cannot tell you how to handle your affairs or give you legal advice as we work exclusively in the administrative field. We can, however, word-process documents for you and share our comments and experiences with you. The documents, affidavits that we offer have been used by us, personally, in the past. You can either tender a small processing fee ($50) and receive them as templates to complete yourself (We also offer Phone Consultation) or, you can send us the facts of your matter and we will organize your material into proper form ($65/hour). The documents offered are for educational purposes as a basis for your own research and development.

A private Administrative process can be used by anyone to establish the facts of a matter and give parties on both sides of a disagreement an opportunity to state the facts from their perspective (due process of law). It involves no courts, judges, mediators or other public officials except for a notary public whose role is limited to witnessing the exchange of documents.

Caveat: If private-process documents are used in a court, it may be best to attach them as an Exhibit to a document being entered into the record. This way, they retain their integrity as private rather than a subject for public discussion and judgment.

Please Note: The notaries public we work with have documents for use in witnessing your process. Any pre-printed documents for the notary to only date and sign must be e-mailed to us first. We find that often they contain wording that may put the notary in a compromised position, so we need to review it first.

Document Review:

If you want us to review documents that you or someone else has written, we could do that and share our thoughts & comments on it with you for a suggested donation of $50 for up to 15 pages. Kindly visit the credit card\PayPal page before e-mailing the file OR mail document(s), with a money order, preferably with the ‘Pay To’ line left blank, to:

1143 Northern Boulevard, #154
Clarks Summit 18411 Pennsylvania

*Formerly Penny Pincher Press