Private Administrative Processes


What is a “Private Administrative Process”?

Private administrative processes can be witnessed by a notary public, meaning the notary mails your documents to the Respondent(s) with the notary’s Proof of Service, and their replies (if any) come to you through the notary so the notary can note whether or not a response was received. The notary can then complete the process by issuing a Notice of Non-Response if no valid replies were received. On the other hand, documents can be sent out by the Affiant by certified mail and if the dispute is not settled, bring a copy of the entire process to a notary public who is familiar with Protest, or Certificate of Dishonor method.

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The Administrative Remedy

The “mother” of administrative processes, sometimes called the “International Commercial Claim” which is the name of the first affidavit in the process. It contains 9 affidavit templates in addition to notary Proof of Service and Non-Response documents. Besides the basic, admin. process of initial claim, Notice of Fault, and Default, it also provides demands for payment, the notary’s Certificate of Dishonor/Default and a lien template. It is a very complete and thorough process. Read More

Notice and Demand

Also known as the process for Simple Justice. People have used this with their own variations but the initial claim is generally a “Notice and Demand”, followed by an Opt-Out Presentment, a Further Notice of Commercial Grace, and finally, the Notice of Default. Read More

Conditional Acceptance for Value for Proof of Claim

Even though you’d like to refuse a demand for money or performance that is being made upon you, this process is used in an effort to remain in honor. You agree to do as they ask, conditioned upon their proving that the claim upon you is valid. If you’re dealing with the IRS, there are additional files to help you construct a proper CA (Conditional Acceptance). Read More …


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