Notary Witness Service


This Purchase is for a Presentment (UCC 3-501) and Certificate of Non-Response/ Dishonor (UCC 3-502)

To Begin we would need:
1. Paperwork you want presented (remember to keep a copy for yourself)
2. Fee


A notary witness is a notary public who serves as a third party witness to a private administrative process. This means that the notary’s name and address is at the end of your document and the respondent is instructed to send all replies to her. You would, of course, have to let the notary know your contact information in case she receives any replies. Either you can handle all the mailings to your respondent and when the process is complete, you ask the notary for a Notice of Non-Response or, all of your documents can be mailed to the respondent by the notary in which case she would include a Proof of Mailing/Witness of Contents form with your documents. She would also keep track of the dates documents are mailed and whether or not there were any replies. This way, a much more detailed Notice of Non-Response can be provided to you.

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