The Administrative Remedy Process

This INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL CLAIM IN ADMIRALTY process was originally developed for use in mortgage matters, but it can be adapted for other uses. It is a non-judicial way to bring your grievances up to whomever has harmed you, give them a chance to explain themselves and settle the matter on a private, ‘person-to-person’ basis. It is very powerful and is currently being used only after a “friendlier” process has not settled the matter.

There are 8 steps to the Remedy, most of which are served on the Libellees (those who you perceive as having damaged you) by a “Notary Witness”: a public officer commissioned by the Secretary of State (executive branch), who acts as a third party witness to your communications with the other parties and your good-faith efforts in exhausting your administrative remedies. Each of your documents is mailed to the Libellees by the notary using certified mail if domestic, with a ‘green receipt card’ attached, proof that the package reached it’s destination, was accepted, and will be returned to the notary. Registered mail was established by law, under the U.S. Constitution, and is recognized internationally.

The first 3 documents are Notices of the Claim you are bringing against your opponent. In the first communication, statements are made which they are supposed to respond to. Should you be wrong in any of your statements, abundant opportunity for the Respondent to correct your mistaken belief is given. If no response is made after communicating with them 3 times, your statements are deemed agreed with and settled. The initial Notice of claim also contains a True Bill which is the detail of your damages and a total of the amount you are demanding.

Document #4 is a Notice of Dishonor from the notary witness, certifying that s/he has not received any responses. Then starts your three Demands for payment (#5, 6 & 7). The 8th document is the Certificate of Dishonor (COD), a statement from the notary reciting the history of when each Notice was sent out, when the return receipt card came back, and whether or not there were any responses. The 4th and the 8th steps are notary’s documents to you. The 4th doc., Non-Response, is sent only to you. The 8th doc., the COD, is sent to you with a courtesy copy to the Libellees via first class mail.*

If you do not have a local notary willing to act as witness, we have notaries on staff who can serve in that respect. You will need to have your signature acknowledged by a local notary on most of the documents. Using 2 notaries may actually make the documents ‘stronger’ as you have 2 officers of the state verifying your actions.

To avoid confusion, please send us your instructions. Complete our Instruction Form and either submit on-line or print and send with your paperwork.

Tendering a Donation and Other Technicalities

There are three ways in which your Administrative Remedy can be handled, depending upon your skill with using a word processor:

  1. Templates of all documents described above can be e-mailed to you for a suggested donation of $50 to cover our time in getting all 9 to you and for answering any questions you may have about the documents. For template purchase: click hereIf you want our notary to act as witness, ask for name & address to be included on your documents.
  2. All templates as per #1) above but we do the secretarial preparation of your initial claim including the True Bill which you provide the figures for. Add $400 to the $50 ($450) or send the $400 after you receive the templates.

If you use our notary, mail your customized, notarized documents to us for serving along with the following amount:

  • Certificates of Mailing: $60 per mailing x 6 steps = $360
  • Notary’s Non-response & COD: $150 & $175 = $325
  • Prices include notary fees, postage & certified mail = $685
  • Registered mail is an additional $15 per serving = $90 (Total: 775)
Bonus! Admiralty E-book also included: Are You Lost At Sea?

To tender your donation, click here. Your Templates will be available once payment is made.

Prices will be adjusted if we have to make copies, for multiple respondents or for excessive postage.

If you prefer having us word process all of your documents, see prices below which includes the Certificates of Mailing as well as the Mailing costs.


#1 Claim
#2 Fault
#3 Default
#4 Non-Response
#5 First Demand
#6 Sec. Demand
#7 Third Demand
#8 Cert. Dishonor

Doc. Prep., Notary
& Certif. Mail fee
$   550


To make payment by credit card or PayPal,

We do prefer donations in Postal money order (preferably with the ‘pay to’ line left blank). Checks will be accepted, payable to Penny Pincher Press, but no work can begin until the check clears.  Send to:

1143 Northern Boulevard, #154
Clarks Summit 18411 Pennsylvania